Third Person Sci-Fi Shooter 'Gene Rain' Descends on Xbox One Today
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Shanghai, China -- July 24, 2018 -- Chinese publisher E-Home Entertainment Development today announced that their futuristic third person shooter (TPS), Gene Rain, is now available on Xbox One for €24.99/$24.99 in Germany and the USA. Coming to the rest of Europe and Russia on July 31st, Gene Rain offers intense TPS action set in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans and technology are in the throes of a merciless war over the future of humankind, each side defending their own ideas and values.

“Today the dystopian Gene Rain world opens up for Xbox One players, and we’re looking forward to recruiting more rebels in Europe at the end of the month,” says Kavka Wang, the Marketing Director at E-Home Entertainment Development. “Featuring incredible next-gen graphics and extreme TPS combat, Gene Rain expands the plot through new human narrative structures and delves deep into moral convictions as in how far you will go to achieve your goal.”

At a time of incredible technological advancements, the majority of human population has failed to adapt to the new rules of the world. In the hope of aiding humanity, the veteran of science and technology, Dr. Bill Feynman, created a genetic spraying agent to change the genetic structure of human beings, making everyone's IQ equal. Spread throughout the world by wind towers, the Gene Rain proved fatal to many and kicked off the fight between those in support of the Gene Rain and those rebelling against it and the new order.

Gene Rain puts players in charge of the Death Squad, who were formed to put a stop to the Gene Rain era. Controlling three characters LiYing (human), Salman (robot) and Alex (half human half robot), players aim to close the wind towers over four main game scenes - the ruined city, the quiet town, the deep canyon, and the dark city. Utilising nine different guns, three of which can be upgraded, players fight different types of enemies driven by an intricate AI tree that allows for unique behavioral patterns. Players find themselves amidst intense bullet storms and explosions wreaking havoc on their surroundings, making Gene Rain a truly intense TPS experience.