Gene Rain Wind Tower
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a Next-gen shooter game which linearly expands the plot through new human narrative structures

'Gene Rain' is a 3D next-gen third person shooter game which linearly expands the plot through new human narrative structures, the game presents a new macro world to everyone by shocking visual effects.

We set three camps in the game in which the world environment is the early stage of the three camps' confused fights, each camp has its own ideas and aims players need to control four different characters to finish the tasks according to the plot there are 9 different guns and 4 of them can be updated.

There are 4 main scenes in the work: The ruined city, the quiet town, the deep canyon and the dark city, the set of enemies is more than twelve.

Game Info

Title Gene Rain Wind Tower
Category Shooter

Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S

4K Ultra HD
Xbox One X Enhanced
Xbox achievements
Xbox cloud saves

Release Date 7/24/2018
Price $24.99
Approximate size 6.73 GB
Developer Deeli Network Technology Co., LTD
Publisher E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
Medium Digital only
Mode Single-player
Language support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English


Gene Rain is a 3D third-person shooter game that follows the story of New Humans. Employing a linear storytelling narrative and next-gen metal art style, it offers a visually stunning adventure into a never-before-seen world. There are three in-game factions, each with its own beliefs and vision. The story begins at the start of tri-lateral conflict and players progress by completing missions through four different characters. Out of nine firearms in the game, four main ones are upgradable. Gene Rain’s scene design can be divided into four categories: devastated cities, sleepy towns, deep valleys and city nightscape. The game’s AI, with a wealth of perception and behavior data, make each enemy highly unique and, indeed, humanlike. There are more than a dozen enemies, each of them with their own character designs and behavior quirks. The game uses some 500 full-motion-capture movements to fully flesh out its characters, making for a truly exciting and immersive experience.