Your Toy
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Are you ready to enter the nightmare

"Your Toy" is a 3D first person escape game that incorporates elements of horror.

Game Info

Title Your Toy
Category Puzzle & trivia
Platform Xbox One
Release Date 11/17/2017
Price $14.99
Approximate size 2.03GB
Developer VIVA GAMES
Publisher E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
Medium Digital only
Mode Single-player
Language support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian


"Your Toy" is a 3D first person escape game that incorporates elements of horror. Do you remember your childhood toys? Where are they now? They were your friends once, but has it ever occurred to you that they could become the stuff of nightmares? You wake up to darkness and find yourself trapped in a place that's supposed to have long vanished. Messages, one after another, lure you into an abyss of intrigues unknown. What's that thing watching you from the other side of non-existent reality? Caught in between dreamscape and memory, the forgotten victim returns—this time around, who is the toy? An outstanding escape game! "Your Toy" features an advanced no-repeat puzzle system, challenging puzzle content, as well as a well-designed backstory. Not only will you enjoy solving the game's puzzles, you will also experience the story through collecting various in-game items. Are you ready to enter the nightmare?"


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