Gene Rain Sky City Rebirth (DLC2)
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a Next-gen shooter game which linearly expands the plot through new human narrative structures

Game Info


Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S

4K Ultra HD
Xbox One X Enhanced
Xbox achievements
Xbox cloud saves

Release Date7/16/2020
Approximate size10.1 MB
DeveloperDeeli Network Technology Co., LTD
PublisherE-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
MediumDigital only
Language supportSimplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English


Alex finally boarded Sky City. This empty suspended city has no signs of life; he gradually understands Sky City is a vain existence, and he will accept unprecedented challenges in this endless space.

In 'Sky City Rebirth', you can get any level of modules and weapons, as long as you have enough patience. You can get great rewards every time you pass the reincarnation challenge. You can easily cope with the enemy in the story mode with these modules & weapons, and you can easily crush the monsters you can't win, and also freely upgrade your armor and machine gun towers. In the 'mechanical world' level , high-level modules & weapons are especially important. 'Sky City Rebirth' can be your tool to complete the story mode.