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solve these puzzles for Lilith, and control the robot to find the key to answer

Lilith-M is a steampunk style puzzle adventure game. Little Lilith and Robot Brother need work together to find Lilith’s memory and find the truth of the Lab. Player will control Lilith and her brother at the same time to solve various puzzles.

Game Info

Title Lilith-M
Category Action & adventure
Platform Xbox One
Release Date 9/27/2017
Price $9.99
Approximate size 1.01GB
Developer Chesstar Studio
Publisher E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
Medium Digital only
Mode Single-player
Language support English


Indie Puzzle Game : Lilith-M, open a journey for you to seek hope.

A girl named Lilith, a robot who has some mystery links to Lilith , a steam-punk cyber space, a unavoidable and difficult journey.

Can you solve these puzzles for Lilith, and control the robot to find the key to answer? It all depends on you.

Game Characteristics:
Unqiue design of controling two game characters in one controller with abundant and interesting puzzle design.

Steam-punk art style and quantities of character skins give you a colorful game journey.

About 40 levels, difficulties from easy to hard, give you a leisure gameplay yet challenge experience.

Game story was twisted and touching, bring you laugh and tear.


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