DYING : Reborn
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tackle the puzzles in a series of dark and eerie rooms

DYING: Reborn is a First-Person ‘Room Escape’ puzzle game, in which players must tackle all kinds of puzzles in a series of dark and eerie rooms.

In the first of 6 chapters, protagonist Mathew finds himself waking up in a strange hotel with little recollection of what has lead him there. At this dark hour a mysterious character contacts him, claiming he prepared a series of trials for Mathew to 'pay for the enormous mistake he made a long time ago'...and a grave punishment awaiting him should he fail to pass these…

Game Info

Title DYING : Reborn
Category Puzzle & trivia
Platform Xbox One
Release Date 10/31/2017
Price $19.99
Approximate size 3.75GB
Developer NEKCOM Entertainment Ltd.
Publisher E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
Medium Digital only
Mode Single-player
Language support English


"I want to play a game, it will help you remember something kept away in memories' deepest recesses."

+ Search for ITEMS, beat the challenging puzzles, breakthrough layers of trials he sets up for you.
+ Collect FRAGMENTS, unravel the true story behind, recall a big mistake once you made.
+ Move freely and Explore, in a Full 3D environment.
+Specifically designed new exploration elements and hidden content for Xbox One version. When you think you've solved all the puzzles, there seems to be something else hiding in the hotel all the time.

Enjoy the "Mild-Horror" and "Classic-style Puzzle-solving" —— a hardcore escaping experience.

"Those who have experienced the fear of DYING, will truly understand the joy of Reborn."

"Game Start."