Future War: Reborn
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it's time to fight for humanity's homeland

"Future War: Reborn" is a post-apocalyptic Sci/Fi third person shooter game developed by Good Games.

In this post-apocalyptic world, full of zombies, mutants, and aliens, humans have to rise up for their survival! Get your gear and board the war machine, it's time to fight for humanity's homeland!

Game Info

Title Future War: Reborn
Category Action & adventure
Platform Xbox One
Release Date 12/20/2017
Price $9.99
Approximate size 703.91MB
Developer Guangzhou Good Network Technology Co., Ltd
Publisher E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
Medium Digital only
Mode Single-player
Language support English


Future War: Reborn is the latest 3D TPS game about a post-apocalyptic war.

You will control the full-fledged Genome Fighter to strafe enemies and sweep through battlefields with cutting-edge weapons, to defend human beings from hordes of dead walkers.



● 45°angel direction to view battlefields
● Awesome 3D graphics design
● An attractive storyline to develop
● Special skills to dodge and blow zombies up
● 6 types of AAA+ weapons to obtain
● Mighty titans and autocannons for secondary attack

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